Sushi Menu:


Tuna (maguro) ... 5.50
White Tuna (albacore) ... 5.75
Salmon (sake) ... 4.95
Red Snapper (tai) ... 4.50
Yellow Tail (hamachi) ... 4.95
Shrimp (ebi) ... 4.50
Snow Crab (kani) ... 6.95
Toro (fatty tuna) ... 6.95

More Selections Available


Seaweed Salad
Squid Salad
Baby Octopus
Kani Salad

Sushi/Sashimi Combinations

Sushi Regular
California & 5pcs of nigiri
(chef’s choice)
Sushi Deluxe
California & 7 pcs of nigiri
(chef’s choice)
Sushi Supreme
Rainbow, spider roll & 9pcs nigiri
(chef's choice)
Sushi Chef Special
Rainbow, Spider roll, 10pcs sashimi &
12pcs nigiri

Sashimi Regular
(10pcs of chef's choice sashimi)
Sashimi Deluxe
(15-17pcs if chef choice sashimi)
Sashimi Supreme
(27-30pcs chef's choice sashimi)
(fresh assorted fish over a bed of sushi rice)

Maki Sushi

Tuna Roll ... 5.95
Salmon Roll ... 5.50
Spicy Tuna Roll (spicy tuna, cucumber) ... 6.50
Spicy Yellow Tail Roll (spicy yellowtail, scallion) ... 6.50
Spicy California Roll (spicy crab, avo. Cucum.) ... 5.95
California Roll (crab stick, avo. Cucumber) ... 4.95
Shrimp Tempura Roll (shrimp, avo, cucumber) ... 8.95
Futo Maki Roll (crab, avo+cado, etc.) ... 5.95
Dragon Roll (eel, shrimp temp., avo.) ... 10.95
Caterpillar Roll (eel, avocado) ... 8.95
Rainbow Roll (California, top with 4 dif. Fish) ... 10.95

More Selections Available

Izakaya Special Rolls

... 10.95
(shrimp temp, avocado, top with Spicy crab, crumbs, and eel sauce)
Snow Crab Roll ... 14.95
(snow crab meat, mayo, Cucumber, top crab stick, and avocado)
Cucumber Special ... 8.95
(crab meat, avo, masago, wrapped in cucumber, with ponzu sauce)
Lobster Roll ... 15.50
(lobster, lettuce, cucum., top with Snow crab, tobiko, and scallions)
Izakaya Roll ... 10.95
(spicy crab, avo., deep fried)
Spicy Trio ... 9.95
(spicy tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, cream cheese, deep fried)
Ebi-Ebi Roll ... 10.95
(shrimp temp, cucumber, avo. top with shrimp)
Yummy Yum Roll ... 10.95
(mixed fish, crab, cream cheese, avo, Deep fried)
Spicy Dragon Roll ... 11.95
(spicy tuna, top with eel, avocado)
Spicy Spider Crunch ... 11.95
(spicy soft shell crab, top with spicy tuna, crunch, and eel sauce)
Crazy Monkey Roll ... 11.95
(eel, cucum. Top with salmon, shrimp, avo, lemon slice, tobiko, and spicy suce)
Tiger Roll ... 9.95
(avo, cucum, topped with mixed salmon Crab, and mayo)
Volcano Roll ... 10.95
(shrimp temp, avo, top with spicy scallops)
Summer Roll ... 10.95
(snow crab, masago, top with Mango, avo, and sweet/spicy sauce)
Crunchy Calamari ... 8.95
(temp calamari, lettuce, Cucumber, avocado, sprout eel sauce)
Sunrise Roll ... 10.95
(tuna, white tuna, salmon, avo, wrapped in cucumber, with ponzu sauce)
Tuna Fest ... 11.95
(spicy tuna, cucum. Top tuna)
Salmon Fest ... 10.95
(spicy salmon, cucum. top salmon)
Salmon Crunch ... 10.95
(tempura flakes, smoked salmon)
Ocean Roll ... 10.95
(shrimp, top with salmon, tuna, avo. Wasabi mayo, eel sauce, and hot sauce)
Dynamite Roll ... 10.95
(baked spicy crab &scallop on top of California roll)
Alaskan Roll ... 11.95
(snow crab, cream cheese, top with eel,Avo, with eel sauce and spicy mayo sauce)
2008 Roll ... 11.95
(shrimp temp, asparagus, masago, top with Baked spicy crab, scallions, eel sauce-side 1 kani nigiri)
Snapper Roll ... 10.95
(snapper temp, asparagus, masago top with avo, eel sauce and spicy mayo sauce)

* Prices are subject to change without notice
* Dinner menu served all day during select Holidays
* Menu updated 1/2016